General Cargo International

Hei! Aslemma! Olá! Сайн уу?*

From Norway to Maghreb, from Portugal to Mongolia: the approx. 80 reputable CargoLine partners abroad and at home form a stable, covering network and ensure that their shipments arrive quickly and securely to every corner of Europe.

The basis for this is the binding standard delivery times, which we have defined with our partners for almost all of Europe.

Furthermore, our premium products NightLineEurope PriorityNightLineEurope FixNightLineEurope NextDay and NightLineEurope Receipt offer valuable additional services which, for example, increase the planning capability of the supply chain and simplify the receivables management of a shipper.

With the help of our Track & Trace tools, you are able to retrieve the respective status of your shipment via the internet around the clock or simply be informed by email. Your proof of delivery along with signature are likewise available online.

* "Hello" in Norwegian, Arabic, Portuguese and Mongolian