Toll Expansion 2018


The Federal Government has decided to extend the currently levied truck toll to all federal highways on 1 July 2018. In addition, as of 1 January 2019, the toll rates themselves are to be revised and significantly increased, taking into account the so-called infrastructure cost assessment.

This has considerable effects for all companies that use trucks over 7.5 t and requires a fundamental adaptation of the currently valid toll tables two steps.

What will be changed on July 1st, 2018?

From 01.07.2018 all federal highways will be tolled.

This then corresponds to approximately 36,000 km of additional toll roads.

To date, about 12,800 km of highways and 2,300 km of predominantly highway-like roads have been tolled, which now more than doubled the route network.

Who is affected?

In addition to the classic long-distance traffic, this toll mainly applies to the delivery and collection of groupage shipments , since a considerable part of the necessary for this achievement routes take place on federal highways and thus from 01.07.2018 completely the toll duty is subject.

What revenue the federal government expects ?

Currently estimated at 4.8 billion euros toll the federal government The additional revenue from this first measure to another € 2 billion p. year.

What changes from the perspective of the freight payer?

In cooperation with ten large general cargo networks and an independent research institute, the effects of this state measure on the actual costs incurred for transporting consignments determined.

Especially general cargo shipments, however, are burdened by the new toll collection in the delivery and the pickup much greater than, for example, complete batches in long-haul.

Generally increase the tolls of a pure local traffic tour by about 54%, the impact on the toll for an average groupage consignment in Germany is about plus 25%.

What we have prepared for you?

For the purpose of audit, the toll tables known to you are revised.
Under info@amm-spedition.de or 0911/64258 – 223 you can your request new toll Table gladly when needed.

For further questions is also at any time your sales team available.