Amm GmbH & Co KG Spedition Nuremberg pursues a policy for sustainability in all aspects of company management.

Among this is the environmentally-friendly handling of natural resources and minimization of environmental pollution. The measures

met in this sense include the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as well as compliance with all of the relevant

laws, guidelines and the DIN EN ISO 14001 standard.


Amm Spedition GmbH & Co. KG Spedition Nuremberg uses raw materials, energy and water as efficiently as possible. Environmentally relevant procedures

are regularly assessed, systematically rated and continuously improved. Through paperless handling, route optimization,

prevention of empty runs, use of our own fuel-saving lorries, driver training, separation of trash and much more, we are contributing

to the protection of the environment. And so we demonstrate that environmental protection and Spedition need not contradict one another.


Our environmental management system is certified pursuant to DIN EN ISO 14001 2015.