We all have to rely on what is still unlikely but not mutable Prepare case of “hard Brexit” on 29.03.2019.

Of course, changes are still reserved and more information will follow.

The following is the current status (without guarantee):

The last departure without customs papers is expected to be 28.03.2019. From 29.03.2019 corresponding customs documents must be included.

On a transitional period for goods, which u. U. still on the transport routes are still under negotiation.

The last procurement orders can be transferred on 22.03.2019 for timely loading. Then individual agreements are necessary because u. U. no timely takeover and re-loading can be guaranteed more.

Due to the expected chaos in the United Kingdom, no promises can be made in terms of arrival times, delivery times, etc. initially.

Accordingly, from 22.03.2019, no CargoLine premium products can be sent to the UK

get booked. The CargoLine can not be used here for any delays.

Any customer rates would have to be suspended accordingly by 29.03.2019 at the latest.

What is needed by the customer:

  • EORI number. Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number
  • ABD export accompanying document / commercial invoice with customs tariff number and signature
  • Comprehensive product data / choice of customs procedure – coding / legal basis check / UZK – Union Customs Code


We will inform you separately about the expected customs clearance costs on both sides (UK and EU).

For now no more B2C shipments (both import and export)

We will keep you informed. For any queries we are happy to help